We have slowly been building our portfolio of beers for sale in the shop and there is nowhere else you can get such an interesting selection of vegan friendly ales, it has to be Mooli!

Beer from the following breweries are available: Badger Beers, Bath Ales, Black Tor, Butcombe, Cheddar Ales, Exe Valley, Exeter Brewery, Exmoor, Fined Tuned Brewery, St Austell and the range is expanding.

Our ’12 days of Christmas Beer Box’ can be customised as a present, giving you 12 bottles of ale for £36.00, and we are now taking orders for Exmoor Gold in mini-casks.

Exmoor Ales Mini Casks give you the taste of pub-style real ale, from the comfort of home. Containing 5L (approx 8.5 pints) of real ale. Once finished, mini casks can be placed in your metal recycling collection. The price is £28.00, last day of ordering for Christmas is Tuesday 15th December.

Note: Mini-casks are filled to order. Please purchase at least seven days in advance of collection and allow 12 hours to settle once in situ. * Please see instructions below.


Find a level, cool spot (ideally 10 -13c), open the serving tap and pour a small amount of beer off to release any excess pressure.

Draw spout in the direction of the arrow, until the original seal tears.

Grasp spout from below and draw in the direction of the arrow, until the joint protrudes fully from the barrel.

Tilt the spout downwards to pour. To finish pouring, return the spout to its initial position.

Then leave your cask to stand still for at least 12 hrs before serving. You can open it before this time if you wish but be aware, the beer may pour cloudy.

Once you have let the yeast settle, try not to move the cask at all, or you risk disturbing the sediment again. The beer will be in its best condition for 3 days after opening.

If the flow of beer from the tap slows, vent the barrel (mini cask). Do this by turning off the tap and push the inner stopper in the lid of the barrel through fully.