Why eat seasonally? Good question!

Eating seasonally is not only good for the planet but is incredibly nourishing for our own health and wellbeing. Technically any fruit or veg can be categorised as a “super food” if the journey between plant to plate is short enough. To maximize the nutrition you absorb from any produce it’s best to consume it within the first three days of harvesting.

Eating seasonally and locally also reduces the demand for out of season produce (which requires transportation, refrigeration, etc) and you support local farmers too!

Autumn and Winter Produce:

So, you might be thinking “great, but where do I start?”. Fret not, we’ve got you! The best vegetables to fuel you over the next few months are carrots, sprouts, leeks, cabbage, squash, kale, potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli. All of which could inspire an array of warming stews, curries, soups, winter salads, pies… the list really does go on! Lest we forget winter fruits: apple, clementine, pears and much more.

Sadly, Autumn harvesting season is coming to an end. Yet this time of the year brings an array of wonderful veg, fruits, nuts, and berries. As many enthusiastic foragers will know, nothing beats harvesting from the wild then heading home to bake a gorgeous blackberry and apple crumble with a sprinkling of chopped roasted cobnuts on top.

The good news is pumpkin picking season is not over! There are a variety of farms that open their doors at this time of year for a small fee. Not only is the picking part fun, once you’ve spent an afternoon seeking out the pumpkin for you, you can take it home and make all sorts of wonderful culinary creations with it…Just like our pumpkin soup, which is to die for!

All of Mooli Foodworks dishes include locally grown seasonal produce. Even our baked treats. Pop by to see what delicious and nutritious goods we have on offer this week. Who says being healthy needs to be boring?

Pumpkin Picking Events: