In this day and age we have so many options available to us with regards to how we package products. But how do we know which is the most sustainable solution? It is all about balancing your concerns. Living environmentally friendly/sustainably means carefully juggling your concerns between global warming, marine/land based litter and, especially if you’re vegan, ethical production.

Plastic is the biggest problem we tackle when it comes to packaging in every day use. We know it ends up in our oceans or green spaces and harms wildlife and the environment itself. However because of its prevalence in today’s society it is one of the cheapest and easiest things to produce and therefore most widely available. So this begs the question, how do we avoid it?

We have so many alternatives, from plant-based plastics to recycled content each, however comes with their own environmental costs. Plant-based plastic is hugely on the rise, providing a renewable solution to plastics. While it may be largely biodegradable, this doesn’t prevent it ending up in our oceans. We should all take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and be conscious of the impact some less environmentally friendly packaging supplies can have. Reusing the plastic that has already been produced and not throwing it away is a step forward, but it will need to be disposed of eventually.

We all must continually working towards reducing our impact on the environment and in essence should gradually make small improvements. With a small business like ourselves three is a need to balance ethics, being environmentally friendly and commercial viability. The increase in take away and sending products out to customers rather than people coming to the shop has it’s own considerations including the dispatch process, waste management and our sourcing arrangements for the packaging we use.

A large amount of our packaging is produced from recycled materials and our plant-based plastic packaging is commercially compostable. Also where possible we will endeavour to re-use boxes when we send out our products for delivery. It may not be pretty, but it’s good for the environment.

At Mooli, we have the commitment to not only improve the eco-friendly options we offer to our customers, but also to look at all areas of the business where we can try to become more environmentally responsible.