Mooli Eggs (Box of 4)


The Mooli version of a scotch egg. A soft tofu centre with a delicious hint of mustard. A succulent outer covered with a crispy shell.

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Box of 4 (Frozen).

Serving Suggestion: 

Defrost thoroughly and heat in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 8 minutes. Serve on a bed of mixed green leaf salad with cucumber pepper and tomato as depicted.


Outer: Textured Soya Protein, vegetable fat, wheat rusk, soya protein isolate, rapeseed oil, seasoning, sugar, yeast extract, cayenne pepper, ginger, clove, onion, vegetable protein, beetroot powder, white pepper, guar gum, sage.

Inner: Tofu, turmeric, salt Dijon mustard, kala namak.

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