Beer – Cheddar Ales Gorge Best Bitter (Gluten Free) 500ml


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Brewed using the highest quality Pale ale, Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal and Roasted malts and hopped with a blend of Challenger, Goldings and East Kent Goldings whole hops.

A distinguished best bitter with warm malt flavours and a clean bitter finish.

Highlights Gluten Free*

ABV: 4.0%

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*Important Note. Gorge Best is produced by using a gluten containing malt (barley),  introducing a brewing enzyme, added to assist later filtration before bottling. The side benefit of this enzyme is the denaturing of gluten making it safer for those who are Gluten intolerant, reducing the gluten content so that it complies with the law on gluten free and contains 20 ppm or less of gluten.

Being  brewed using barley this beer will have trace elements of gluten present even after denaturing. If you are a diagnosed Coeliac you may need to consider only drinking beer made from NGCI (Non gluten containing ingredients)  such as Buckwheat, Millet, Sorghum.