As humans we inevitable create waste. Here at Mooli we consider ourselves incredibly green and waste conscious; with our focus on nurturing health and nutrition (of both mankind and the planet). Therefore, we asked ourselves what more can we do to reduce our waste? How can we help? After much discussion and vigorous research, we decided to stock more eco-friendly packaging from Polybags. ALL of our packing is now biodegradable, compostable, food-safe and eco-friendly!

Polybags’ extensive range of eco-friendly packaging includes products made from biodegradable, compostable and recyclable materials, as well as recycled and renewable content, to minimise environmental impact.

Their compostable packaging is derived from natural, renewable energy sources. Certified by EU compostable standards, this packaging disintegrates into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in 10-12 weeks in standard composting conditions. How incredible is that?!

Furthermore, Polybags’ eco-friendly packaging is made from sugars, starches, and other renewable sources that – unlike fossil fuels – can be replenished over time. Cellulose based bio-film is made from renewable resources (wood-pulp from managed plantations)! Meaning all plant-based goodies you purchase from us will be wrapped in packaging made from plant derivatives. Full circle.

And, to top it all off, all packaging will be printed with green compostable logos and text too!

We are keen to support the use of reusable cups as well. Whenever you come into the café with your reusable cups, we will offer a special discount on any takeaway beverage.

As always, we would love to hear from you and start a dialogue about other eco-friendly, low-waste solutions. Leave your comments below!