20th October 2020 The Art of Seasonal Eating!

The Art of Seasonal Eating!

Why eat seasonally? Good question! Eating seasonally is not only good for the planet but is incredibly nourishing for our own health and wellbeing. Technically any fruit or veg can be categorised as a “super food” if the journey between plant to plate is short enough. To maximize the nutrition you absorb from any produce […]

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9th October 2020 Ready for the weekend!

Ready for the weekend!

On Friday the 16th of October Mooli was fully licensed! To coincide with our No-Fish Fridays, we’ll be opening our doors to offer late evening dining experiences as the long, cold winter nights draw in. We are so delighted to be offering you a wide selection of alcoholic beverages ranging from gin, rum, wine, beer, […]

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23rd September 2020 Planet-friendly Packaging

Planet-friendly Packaging

As humans we inevitable create waste. Here at Mooli we consider ourselves incredibly green and waste conscious; with our focus on nurturing health and nutrition (of both mankind and the planet). Therefore, we asked ourselves what more can we do to reduce our waste? How can we help? After much discussion and vigorous research, we […]

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18th September 2020 What’s New? Hullabaloos!

What’s New? Hullabaloos!

There’s a new drink in town and we’re so excited to share the love. Indie soft drinks company, Hullabaloos, produce some of the yummiest beverages we’ve tasted. With such a huge range of fruity and botanical flavours; from Elderflower to Citrus, Ginger Beer to Lime & Mint; there truly is something for everyone. But don’t […]

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18th September 2020 Product Release: Pea Power!

Product Release: Pea Power!

Let’s talk about plant-based milk. More specifically, Devon Garden’s “Pea Power” milk. Their deliciously creamy milk alternative derives from yellow split peas and is a nutritional powerhouse in close comparison to many similar products. The Stats: 10x more protein than Almond milk 15 x more fibre than most milks 40% less sugars than Oat milk […]

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